Amona Fresse (amona) wrote,
Amona Fresse

The impossible has happened...

When I first watched Bleach, I mostly just liked the Shinigami characters and was a little bored with the Ichigo-club. Then, after rewatching Ishida vs Mayuri, I began to like the archer more. And recently I started liking Ichigo as well.

And now...

Orihime as well 0_o

I always found her boring and a cliche, but she began to grow on me in the filler eps to the point that I not only stopped finding her a waste of time, but begin to think her interesting and likeable.

Only Chad is left it seems (still find him boring, sorry Chad fans).

Fave couples at this moment (fluctuates like every day):

1. RenBya
2. Lui/Orphe
3. ShunUki
4. GinRan
5. IchiIshi

(That's right people, I like IchiIshi as well now. Or maybe I should say: I started liking Ichigo after liking this pairing :D)

Did anyone notice that I wrote -lik- 8times in the above post? :P
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