Amona Fresse (amona) wrote,
Amona Fresse

Meine Liebe

Wow, saw the first episode of Meine Liebe Wieder today. Am glad the series is continuing, because I rather like many of the characters. Specifically the contrast between Lui and Orphe is very interesting and I am looking forward to a lot more UST-arguments between them.

They also really got a good concept going with all the conspiracies and other things that are going one. The first series was good and judging by the first ep this one will be wonderful as well.

Bleach is really giving me lots of fanfic ideas. I totally love the combination of fighting and good characterization. It is truly above most other shounen anime in my opinion. Best of all (except for the pairings perhaps :P) is the fact that there are a lot of strong women characters. I was interested in watching Naruto, but having the main female lead being so weak and clingy to a guy (from what I've seen/heard) always made me shy away from it. Bleach on the contrast is filled with women who might have flaws like the guys, but also kick ass. They also don't feel generic. Rukia, Yachiru, Ise, Yoruichi, Matsumoto... the list goes on, they're all memorable for their personalities, not just the way they look.

Lui/Orphe is (my) Love.
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